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Excellon Breakout!

Excellon Resources Inc.


Excellon Breakout!

Excellon Resources is a tough player in the Junior Silver Miners and have been managing many corporate and financial moves since a few years concreting and optimizing their project. However many investors/advisers seem unaware of the potential of this Canadian Silver producer. I want to share with you my own experience with this company. I personally been monitoring all their moves and many have been representing big changes in the company, for instance they have on their board the second youngest CEO in the industry; Brendan Cahill. from silver grade improving to the daring sale of DeSantis Mine in the Porcupine Mining Division to Oban Mining Coproration in order to focus their mind on their most promising project, the optimization plan for La Platosa Mine.

Lately, Excellon have known a tremendous and unexpected Breakout, climbing up over 300% in the past three months, and experts are still submitting recommendations to buy. The previous activities of their stock have been somewhat deceiving (more than the majority of mining stocks in this precious metals Bear Market) even if the late financial statements were quite positive; the only reason I see for this downtrend is that I still believe that most investors, even if well versed in the sector, have been simply unaware or haven't considered the potential of this company.

As an investor myself, I don’t expect any of the stocks to be performing that much before I hop in (hopefully indeed). But let's say that the situation surrounding precious metals "and mining corporations by ricochet" is quite exceptional, even considering the still growing attention it is attracting around fraud and conspiracies exposing communities.

Investors' awareness of Excellon Resources Inc. reacted quite favorably to the latest and unexpected (but very accurate) move from Eric Sprott himself. Yes! The notorious and legendary precious metal investor and chairman of Sprott Assets inc. Canadian division made a personal investment of 3,000,000$ CAD into Excellon's "all time low" company. Indeed the company has suffered a critical downtrend ever since the precious metals market have entered it's bearish state. But just before scarfing down 75 milion worth of physical silver and contributing to the "insane demand for silver", Mr. Sprott made this literally daring financial move and now you can look at what this still growing Junior Silver Miner is up to.

Excellon Skyrocketing

Silver Downtrend

Now that the silver market seems to be reaching back to its deserved place and propelling the price of the GDXJ, let's see what this little company with incredible potential have “in stock” for us. Personally I would bet more than a loonie on this Canadian "Mexico's Highest Grade Silver Producer" mining company.