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Hi, my name is Phil Richard, welcome to this site dedicated not only to silver, but also to some major economic truths that I think is worthy to create a website for. I prefer to warn you, what you will discover here may scare you or even change your way of living. I am a regular investor and the main reason why I am here writing this down is that I am concerned about my financial freedom in the first place, and yours in the second (because we all depend on each other after all).

You may be asking yourself; "What is the link between silver and the decline of our economy?" Well, it is simple, but hard to accept especially if you still believe that America is a free country. The answer is; Silver price (Along with other precious metals') is being manipulated by central banks and some of our governmental representatives, but why? Many people don't even know it but the economy is in pretty bad shape nowadays, and the only way to keep our way of living is to remain blind to the real value of things. At Metal Silver & Co, we think there is at least a way to survive financially; Precious Metals, the money of God.

I sincerely hope that some well-intended people and hopefully smarter than me are taking some time to think in these days of worldwide economic and political uncertainty. I have no intention to save the world and I don't pretend to have the solution. However, As more and more major political and financial events are occurring around us and goes on almost unnoticed ("often because the information is considered irrelevant when going trough the process of federal validation") most of us don't really know what to think until we are exposed to the truth. I am not a famous financial analyst, but I have been taught to always look beneath the surface and only to seek the truth by myself. All along my research over the web and books I found stunning answers worth sharing. One thing I discovered is that there are millions of wrong answers, but only ONE good answer to any mathematical formula. What is the economic system based on? For a long time it had a solid basis until an event struck the entire world in 1971 and slowly but surely turned its economy into a fragile speculative system based on trust and promises (which we know are rarely concertized)

That event is called the "Nixon Shock". On the afternoon of Friday, August 13, 1971, Mister President Richard Nixon took the most foolish decision to ensure unlimited supplies to his troops in Vietnam, he cancelled the direct convertibility of United States Dollar into GOLD. This measure had considerable consequences on the economy we know today, the best example is the price of gold and silver, it is not high enough according to its intrinsic value and the balance of the dollar. It is only once we know that fact that we can realize what's going on and have serious doubt when they say that the economy is "Going well" even though the american debt is gone mad. We now see things happening that we thought economically impossible until not too long ago.

Here at Metal Silver & Co®, we will not conform to the way of thinking worldwide investments companies want us to have, because if we do, they will have what they want; our wealth.

This is why I will do the best I can to provide reliable informations to whoever has the ¨What's wrong¨ feeling about what we are told and especialy to those who are interested in the answer to that question: what is the TRUTH?.

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Mathew 3:25

If you are like me, You are probably desperate to find something to rely on down here. Personally, I put my trust in God, However sometimes men can speak the truth, to my understanding, one of them is the financial analyst Jeff Berwick, his website is The Dollar Vigilante. The point is that well sadly, there is a reality in most countries... and even around us, indeed we are living in a "CASHLESS SOCIETY". This is why I joined Jeff when he made the advice to take refuge in the precious metals.

-Jeff Berwick: Chief editor and founder of The Dollar Vigilante

I suggest you see the Interview with Bill Murphy from GATA, the system of governmantal prices manipulation and its effects on the economy.

Also, the book that has led Jeff Berwick to some of his most astonishing predictions and conclusions mostly based on the Wall Street's "7 Year Cycle" is available for a good price on Amazon.

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