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If you don't hold it, you don't OWN it...
Why would you let others manage your savings or investments?

Silver Eagle with West-Point mintmark Do it by yourself with physical Precious metals (Silver & Gold bullion coins and bars), the only asset that will NEVER go to zero. Or for the collector, be more daring with numismatic valued collections of rare precious metal products that will become even more valuable troughout time.

In fact, our representatives have been relying on this currency, which we will call the "Money of God", for a long time.

But some of them made a mistake and gave it up, find out in the article A Word From The Editor

"Junk silver" is a term some will use to identify the silver coins that were used for its face value and still sometimes circulating among normal coins nowadays; easy to trade according to the silver melt value.

The chart above demonstrate clearly enough the direction of the price of silver since more than 50 years within our economy (You can see Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium prices on a 50 years scale). To know what happened to it in the last ten years, and where it is going for the next ten, you must be aware of the foundamentals and the discoveries we made on this fascinating precious metal.

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Investment Tips Section

Why choose silver?

Silver is indispensable. From industrial use to decoration, technology, photography and medicine.

The unique properties of silver such as its strength, malleability, reflectivity and conductivity make it an irreplaceable force in the global market.

--Silver Institute--

Silver coin on financial papers

Silver News

For current prices, exchange rates and the latest technology,

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--Silver Institute--

Tennis Athlete

Wearable Silver

Silver fibers help measure athletes' biometric data...

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--Silver Institute--

Silver made solar panels

Silver in photovoltaic cells

Mother nature intends to be our main energy source

Read more Is a main information source for the silver researchers -

for silver related updates, go to our News Section section to see the latest news about the precious metal market and general overviews.
If you are unsure of silver as an investment asset, we suggest you see the "Investment Tips" Page.

Our "News Section" section includes predictive and historical analysis of the silver market. "Silver News" and "Investment tips" Also covers different theories about gold and silver prices actuality and economic cycles. you can subscribe to the news feed to receive detailed email information.

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